About HS Seniors

For all the information you could ask for about dmfoto high school senior photography, go to our seniors website.  www.dmfotoseniors.com  Also we have a link at the top of the menu bar.

It’s your senior year, you’ve made it at last. 

The high school is yours to rule and this year everything will be perfect.  Everything, including your senior photographs.  Yes, gone are the days of those tiny, generic yearbook photographs.  Those are for the underclassmen.

You are a senior now and only the best will do.  Our goal at dmfoto is to give you just what you deserve, the best.  We understand how important your senior photographs are.  You WILL stand above all of the rest, not only because you are a senior, but because your senior photographs will be the best.  dmfoto strives to capture what a lot of others can’t see- the real you.  We will not settle for the generic cookie cutter photos that some other photographers take.

We know that years from now you will look at your senior photographs and you will not see a gawky teenager.  You will see someone with style, someone with class.  Because when it came to choosing a senior portrait photographer you went with the very best and selected dmfoto.

Dave loves doing photography sessions with High School seniors.

Our photo safari is the most popular session and something invented by Dave.  The three hour Full Safari Session with multiple locations and unlimited clothing changes is  unmatched by other senior photographers in the Richmond area and anyone that offers this type session is trying to do what we have been doing for years.

We go all over downtown Richmond and many other locations, we will have new and never used before locations for the class of 2017, but we will continue to use the ones loved by seniors for years.

Our site has samples of the fun style that we offer, I’m sure you’ll see samples that include many of your friends.  We know that we show more photographs than any other photograher in Richmond.  We want you to know that we don’t just pick a few really good photographs from a small number of seniors, we show you hundreds of samples to give you an idea of what your photographs will be like.

Look at our samples, read about our packages and feel free to contact us with any questions.  Fill out our senior profile form and we’ll get you on the schedule.

More information is available on our site.  Thanks for LOOKING!